Thermal Roof Coating

The problem

energyloss25% of all heat loss is through the roof of your house. This vastly increases the need to reheat your home, increasing your fuel usage and associated bills.

Cracked and damanged roofs can also lead to leaks and well as unsightly moss on the roof tiles. 

In the UK our heating bills have doubled compared to the rest of Europe. If you think that’s bad, it is thought that in the next 10 years the average house fuel bill will go up £5000 / year.

The Government wants us to be more responsible on how we use and save energy at home When it comes to heat the Government is basically saying, “use less and lose less”.

Your home will now be graded from A+ to G and Council tax discounts are being considered for rewarding people who have more energy efficient homes.

The Solution

roofpaintingRoof Coating is a cost effective way of restoring and renovating your roof, whilst reducing heat loss and associated fuel bills.

The coating offers an innovative product that is uniquely developed for the protection of various roof tiles. Restoring the vibrancy in your roof in a range of natural colours.

Be proactive – save now and save even more in the future.


The Product

isonitProven to lower thermal conductivity through roof tiles by up to 58%

A roof coating to reduce your…

  • Reduced heat loss
  • Fuel bills
  • Carbon footprint
  • Environmental impact

The roof coating will also enhance protection and aesthetics, while reducing maintenance.


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