Thermal Roof Coating Process

step1Step 1: Deep Clean

The tiles are cleaned by high pressure water jetting which removes all traces of moss, algae, lichen, pollutants and carbonation. The gutters are cleaned from both inside and outside to remove all silt that builds up over time. This process is performed under great care so as not to block any existing down pipes.


step2Step 2: Tile Replacement

All worn out mortar between crests, ridge and hip tiles are removed and replaced with a fibre re-enforced polymer mortar and re-bedding any loose ridges and crests. Any broken, cracked and damaged tiles are replaced with the same or similar type. 



step3Step 3: Repointing

Any damaged mortar verges are re-sealed ready for the next stage and where necessary, roof tiles will be repointed.



step4Step 4: Biocidal Wash

The existing surfaces are filled with a biodegradable detergent, which clears any underlying family of mosses or lichens. This prevents any future growth of those unwanted guests thereby preventing underneath spoilage of the finished coating.


step5Step 5: ISO Seal Thermal Roof Coating

Our unique thermal insulating coating product is unlike any other roof coating product on the market today. It does not require a primer before coating and adheres direct into your roof tiles and because of it's 197% elasticity will never crack of flake. Due to the quality, consistency and density of our ISO Seal roof coating product we need to use equipment nearly twice as powerful as our competitors.

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