Thermal Wall Coating - The Cavity Wall Alternative

hothouseThe problem 

45% of all heat loss is through the walls of your house. This vastly increases the need to reheat your home, increasing your fuel usage and associated bills.

Heat loss is largely dictated by the amount of moisture within the wall. The more moisture present, the more rapid the heat loss. Water levels within a wall don't cause heat loss alone, they can also cause damp on the inside of the home and erosion on the outer wall, increasing maintenance costs. 


coldhouseThe solution

Our revolutionary wall coating product, which can be applied to both the inside and outside walls of your home creates a thermal radiant barrier, insulating the walls of your home.

This vastly reduces the heat loss through your walls, increasing the overall temperature of your home and in turn reducing your fuel bills.


properlaProven Performance. Water repellent. Self cleaning. Energy saving.


  • Fully breathable system
  • Shuts out water and moisture from the outside
  • Will create a dry building and eliminate damp
  • Choice of Colours or Clear
  • Life expectancy of 20 years


Benefits of PROPERLA


  • The technology was originally developed by NASA, it cuts energy consumption by up to 40%
  • It is one of the worlds most advanced and simple to use energy saving technologies available in today‚Äôs market.
  • Proven to lower thermal conductivity through masonry walls by up to 59%
  • Will create a dry building and eliminate damp
  • Life expectancy 20 years
  • Keep rooms warmer for longer
  • It will save you money on your energy bills, whilst reducing your carbon footprint


Available Colours

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