Independent Proof

  • Properla has been independently tested and certified to perform to EN ISO 15148.
  • This is a direct equivalent to BS (British Standard) EN ISO 15148 (hygrothermal performance of building materials).
  • Hygrothermal performance is the combination of moisture (in masonary walls) and heat (loss through building surfaces).
  • Adhesive strength in accordance with DIN EN ISO 4624
  • Elongation at tear / Tensile strength in accordance with DIN 53 504
  • Water vapour permeability in accordance with DIN EN ISO 7783-2
  • Water permeability in accordance with DIN EN ISO 1062-3
  • Short and outdoor weathering exposure in accordance with DIN EN ISO 4892-3, DIN 53 166 and DIN EN ISO 2810 – No change in durability and negligible changes in shine and colour.
  • Resistance against flying embers, sparks and radiating heat in accordance DIN 4102 Part 7
  • Has passed the weather test against sun, cold, rain and wind with ISO 11341-A:2004

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Thermal conductivity of Properla

The thermal conductivity in Properla-coated light concrete samples was lowered by approx 59 % compared to light concrete samples without any coating when tested according to DS/EN ISO 15148.


Product Benefits

  • SAVE up to 40% on energy bills
  • COST EFFECTIVE insulation for Solid Walls
  • BREATHABLE reduced condensation
  • KEEP rooms warmer for longer
  • HOMES are more comfortable
  • WEATHER PROOFS your home
  • PREVENTATIVE maintenance
  • PROVEN in Europe for over 25 years
  • PREMIUM quality products with superior texture and finishes
  • SELF Cleaning
  • ADDS value to your home
  • COMPLETELY safe to use
  • REDUCES carbon emissions

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