Reasons for change

reasonsforchange1Government Energy Efficiency Grading

  • Your home will now be graded from A+ to G
  • Council tax discounts are being considered for more energy efficient home
  • Be proactive – Save now and save even more in the future


Energy prices are SOARING

UK energy prices have been increasing at a faster rate than we have ever seen in the UK. The Daily Telegraph predicts that by 2019, the average fuel bill will reach £5199.

The bulk of this energy is wasted through uninsulated walls.


Increase the value of your property

The infographic displayed below, produced by the Department of Energy & Climate Change outlines the potential property increases for more energy efficient homes. 



Climate change

Climate change has considerably increased the chance of flooding, as we have seen in recent years throughout the UK.

With one simple change, you can help make your home resistant to flooding. 

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